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Posted On 11-26-2014
Being a woman is a style statement in itself and when spruced up with a Rolex watch gives it a flair of class. Who said watches just to help you with date and time? With the effect of smart phones showing up the time, these timepieces have become more of a style statement. A Rolex watches speaks volume about your personality. Over the years, these luxury watches have become a declaration of affluence. It is the quality and nattiness of the Rolex watches that Unik Luxury endorses them. These time pieces are characterized by modern design, unprecedented durability and high performance.
Posted On 11-17-2014
Accessories accessories and more accessories! Thats what women love, and if you are planning to gift your lady something luxurious- Rolex has it all for you. What are the things that make up for accessories? Handbags, jewellery, watches, shoes, wallets etc. Just the right choice, and watches say it all. Watches are flexible as they are wearable by both men and women of any age. The market is flooded with lots of watch brands, but our interest goes here for Rolex watches. The Rolex watches have quite a history that dates back to 1905.